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NCIS/Donald Mallard

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Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard
Actor David McCallum
First Appearance Yankee White

JAG Ice Queen (1),NCIS spinoff JAG Meltdown (2) ,NCIS spinoff

Last Appearance N/A
Series Billing Main Cast

Ducky, the NCIS' head medical examiner, is an extremely odd person. He has a habit of talking to the corpses that he autopsies and an extremely dry, somewhat dark wit. He also has a tendency to ramble on about past cases he's worked on, seen, or heard about based on even the most tenuous links.

Dr. Mallard has connections with coroners and medical examiners all over the country. In Yankee White, he knows the coroner who deals with the dead football-carrier on Air Force One well enough that he owes him dinner, which almost blows their cover story with the FBI when the man asks about Ducky shipping him a food item that can't be acquired locally.

Ducky is on a first (well, middle) name basis with Gibbs, calling him "Jethro".


  • Once shoved a French policeman off a 60-foot cliff into a lake.
  • Worries that others find him boring.
  • Talks to bodies on the autopsy tables and at crime scenes.
  • Gibbs says that when he was younger, Ducky looked like Ilya Kuryakin (David McCallum's character on The Man from U.N.C.L.E.).
  • Expect him to go off on a tangent starting with "I remember the time..." at least once per episode.
  • During the time that Gibbs' NCIS team was having trauma-induced hallucinations of deceased agent Caitlin Todd, Ducky's imaginary Caitlyn simply opened her eyes and began talking back to him from her position lying dead on the autopsy table in the NCIS autopsy lab.

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