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Through the Looking Glass
Season 3, Episodes 22 & 23
Airdate May 23, 2007
Production Number 322-323
Written by Damon Lindelof
Carlton Cuse
Directed by Jack Bender
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LostSeason Three

Through the Looking Glass is the twenty-second and twenty-third episodes of the third season of Lost, and the seventy-first and seventy-second episodes overall.

Jack and the castaways begin their efforts to make contact with Naomi's rescue ship, on the season finale of "Lost."

Starring: Naveen Andrews (Sayid), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), Emilie de Ravin (Claire), Michael Emerson (Ben), Matthew Fox (Jack), Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), Yunjin Kim (Sun), Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie), Terry O'Quinn (Locke).

Special Guest Star (Episode 3x22): Malcolm David Kelley (Walt),

Guest Starring (Episode 3x22): Sam Anderson (Bernard), Blake Bashoff (Karl), Julie Bowen (Sarah), L. Scott Caldwell (Rose), Nestor Carbonell (Richard), Roxanne Day (Diane), Andrew Divoff (Mikhail), Mira Furlan (Danielle), M.C. Gainey (Tom), Brian Goodman (Pryce), James Lesure (Dr. Rob Hamill), Tracy Middendorf (Bonnie), Lana Parrilla (Greta), Tania Raymonde (Alex), Marsha Thomason (Naomi).

Guest Starring (Episode 3x23): Sam Anderson (Bernard), Blake Bashoff (Karl), L. Scott Caldwell (Rose), Andrew Divoff (Mikhail), Mira Furlan (Danielle), M.C. Gainey (Tom), Nigel Gibbs (Funeral Director), Brian Goodman (Pryce), James Lesure (Dr. Rob Hamill), Tracy Middendorf (Bonnie), Lana Parrilla (Greta), Tania Raymonde (Alex), Marsha Thomason (Naomi), Sonya Walger (Penny).

Co-Starring (Episode 3x22): Kate Connor (ER Doctor), Kathleen M. Darcy (Flight Attendant), Ariston Green (Jason), Joah Buley (Luke), Dustin Geiger (Matthew).

Co-Starring (Episode 3x23): Larry Clarke (Customer), Loreni Delgado (Pharmacist), Ariston Green (Jason).


Plot Overview

The Island

  • At the beach camp, the survivors prepare for their journey to the radio tower. Jack goes over the ambush plan with Sayid, who has selected Bernard and Jin as the other two shooters to detonate the dynamite. Sayid makes it clear to Jack that he should keep going to the radio tower no matter what happens and that he's willing to give his life to rescue them. With everything prepared as best as possible, Jack and Rousseau set off with the survivors to the radio tower. As they travel along the coast, Naomi pulls Jack aside and shows him how to work her satellite phone should anything happen to her. At night, the survivors watch from a ridge as smokes billows from where their beach camp is located. Rose points out there were supposed to be three explosions and not just two, and worries about the sound of gunshots. Jack attempts to alleviate their fears, and tells them they have a plan and need to continue on to the radio tower.

    At daybreak, the survivors stop by a stream to replenish their water. Kate talks to Sawyer, telling him that she wants to go back and she thinks something is wrong. Sawyer is dismissive of going back. Kate brings up how Juliet was sent to check if she was pregnant, but Sawyer simply tells her they'd better hope she's not pregnant. The group continues their trek to the radio tower, but Sawyer eventually stops and tells Jack he's going back to the beach. Jack asks what he's planning to do alone and unarmed, but Kate tells him Sawyer won't be alone as she's going with him. Sawyer tells her she's not going as he doesn't want to go with her. Juliet offers to go with Sawyer as she knows the location of a nearby weapons cache. Jack lets the two leave, and Juliet gives Jack a kiss as Kate watches in the distance. As they make their way farther into the island, Jack tells Kate that Sawyer didn't mean what he said. He was trying to protect her, and that was why Jack asked her not to come back for him when she escaped from The Hydra. Kate wants to know why Jack is sticking up for Sawyer, and Jack tells her it's because he loves her.

    About an hour's walk away from the radio tower, Rousseau informs Jack that she'll take them there but she's not leaving the island with them. There's no place for her in the world other than the island, her home. The group stops as Ben and Alex block their path. Ben greets Jack and tells him they need to talk, alone, and that the least Jack can do is give him five minutes after he killed seven of his people. Jack agrees to Ben's request, taking his walkie talkie as they head off to a secluded spot. Ben tells Jack that, not too long ago, he made a decision that took the lives of over forty people. History is about to repeat itself as Jack is about to kill his own people. Ben informs Jack that the woman who parachuted onto the island is not who she says she is. She's a representative of people who have been trying to find the island. She's one of the bad guys. If Jack phones the woman's boat, every single living person on the island will be killed. Ben asks for the woman's satellite phone, but Jack refuses. Asking for the walkie Jack took off him, Ben uses it to contact Tom at the beach camp and informs Jack that the survivors of Jack's trap have captured Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Ben orders Tom to shoot the three if he doesn't hear his voice in one minute. Jack refuses to give him the satellite phone, telling Ben that he's going to get everyone off the island. However, Ben asks Jack why he wants to get off the island so badly. His father is dead, his wife left him and moved on with another man, so what's left for him? Jack continues to refuse and, as time runs out, hears three gunshots over the walkie. Enraged, Jack tackles Ben and beats him up. Picking up the walkie, Jack tells Tom that he's going to get everyone rescued and then come looking for him to kill him.

    Jack marches Ben back to the survivors and tosses him in front of them, ordering Ben be tied up as he's coming with them, and walks off. Alex notices Rousseau staring at her and Ben tells her that Rousseau is her mother. Kate catches up to Jack and learns that Ben had Sayid, Jin and Bernard killed when Jack wouldn't give Ben the satellite phone. Asked why he didn't kill Ben, Jack tells Kate that he wants Ben to see them getting off the island and to know that he failed, then he'll kill him. The group continues on when Hurley comes on over Ben's walkie and informs everyone that all the survivors at the beach are okay.

    As they reach the radio tower, Naomi's satellite phone receives a channel and she informs Jack that Charlie did his job. She attempts to call out, but only Rousseau's distress signal comes over the phone. The group heads inside the radio tower and Rousseau ejects her recording, ending the distress signal. Heading outside, Naomi's phone receives a signal. Ben pleads with Jack, telling him he's making a mistake, and that making that call will be the beginning of the end. Naomi establishes a connection, but is struck in the back by a knife. Locke appears, pulling a gun on Jack and ordering him to step away from the phone. Locke fires a shot near the phone as Jack picks it up, but Jack is undeterred. Locke asks for the phone, but Jack refuses and tells Locke to shoot him if he has to. Unable to bring himself to kill Jack, Locke tells him he's not supposed to do this and leaves. Minkowski, a man from the freighter answers the phone and Jack tells him he found Naomi and is one of the survivor's of Oceanic flight 815. The man tells Jack they can get a fix on his location and will be right there.

  • Inside The Looking Glass, Bonnie and Greta attempt to get information out of Charlie. They find him none too forthcoming, but Charlie does let them know that Juliet told them about the station as she's with them now and not the Others. Bonnie and Greta break radio silence and contact Ben to inform him of the situation. They learn that he's sending Mikhail down. Turning their attention back to Charlie, the two attempt to find out what Charlie is doing at the station. Charlie finally relents and tells them he came down to turn off their jamming equipment, that he's going to turn it off no matter what they do. Humored by his statement, Bonnie asks Charlie how he's going to turn off the equipment if he doesn't know the code. Charlie mulls that revelation over and decides he doesn't need the code as the station is going to flood anyway. Bonnie wonders what will happen to Charlie if the station floods, and Charlie simply tells her he'll die.

    Above the station, Desmond regains consciousness from the blow he received from Charlie. As he peers into the water at the station, Desmond receives gunfire from Mikhail who is standing on the nearby beach in a diving suit. With no where else to go, Desmond dives into the water and makes his way to the moon pool of The Looking Glass. Charlie warns him to hide as Bonnie and Greta emerge, alerted by Charlie talking to someone. Finding no one there, Charlie claims he was just singing and Bonnie hits him, warning him to remain quiet. Mikhail eventually emerges from the moon pool and sees the two woman, asking them what they're doing there as he thought they were on assignment in Canada. Greta tells him that Ben ordered them not to tell anyone. Turning his attention to Charlie, Mikhail asks the two women where his friend is as he was just shooting at him and his boat. Charlie steers the conversation to Ben and why he would tell everyone the station was flooded or why the two women have been jamming transmissions off the island. Ben contacts the station and Mikhail answers it, alone. Mikhail raises the points Charlie made and Ben comes clean, telling him Jacob told him to jam their people in order to protect the island from forces that are assaulting it. Ben asks Mikhail to help clean up the mess by killing Charlie, Bonnie and Greta.

    Mikhail leaves the communications room and asks the two women if it's possible to turn off the jamming equipment. He learns it's possible with a code and that the equipment can still operate should the station be flooded. If that's true, Mikhail asks them why Ben would need them inside the station. Bonnie tells him it's because Ben ordered them to, and because she trusts Ben and Jacob. Pulling a gun out, Mikhail shoots and kills Greta as Bonnie attempts to run. She's shot in the back, but Desmond uses a spear gun to shoot a spear through Mikhail's chest before he can finish off Bonnie. Attempting to get the code out of Bonnie, Charlie reminds her that Mikhail just killed her friend and tried to kill her, and that it would appear her glorious leader put him up to it. She has an opportunity to make Ben very angry by divulging the code. Before she dies, Bonnie tells Charlie that the code is the numbers corresponding to the notes for "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys as the equipment was programmed by a musician.

    Charlie points out the rack of diving equipment and Desmond readies it while Charlie works on the code in the communications room. Tapping out the code on the keypad, the blinking light turns off but the station doesn't flood. As the communications equipment reactivates, an incoming transmission is detected and Charlie connects to it. Penelope Widmore comes over the monitor and Charlie tells her he's a survivor of Oceanic flight 815 and on an island. Penelope gives Charlie her name and he realizes she's Desmond's girlfriend. Charlie tells Penelope that Desmond is with him on the island is okay, and asks if she's on the boat. Penelope tells him that she isn't on any boat and doesn't know anyone named Naomi. At the moon pool, Desmond notices Mikhail's body is missing and rushes to get Charlie. Inside the communications room, Charlie sees Mikhail outside the room's window with a grenade in hand. Realizing the explosion will flood the station, Charlie closes the communications room door and manually locks it from the inside before Desmond can get to him. Mikhail pulls the pin, releases the spoon and the explosion shatters the window. As the room fills, Charlie uses his Sharpie to write a message on his hand, telling Desmond that Naomi's boat isn't Penelope's. Desmond watches helplessly as Charlie drowns.

  • At the Others' temporary camp, Ben is contacted by Bonnie at The Looking Glass. Ben is slightly perturbed that she broke radio silence, but is surprised to learn that one of the Oceanic survivors has swam down to the station as Juliet told them about it. Ben orders Bonnie to stay there and sends Mikhail to find out what Charlie is doing there. Mikhail, however, wants to know why Ben told them the station was flooded and inoperable. Ben simply tells him he lied and reiterates how he needs him at The Looking Glass immediately. Mikhail agrees to go, but wonders what else Juliet may have told the survivors — like the Others' plan to kidnap their pregnant women. Ben attempts to contact Ryan, a member of the strike team, but is unable to raise him.

    Later, Tom contacts Ben and informs him that the strike on the survivor's camp failed. They laid a trap which killed seven and the survivors are missing. Ben learns they managed to capture three of the survivors who stayed behind to spring the trap and orders them to get the three to divulge where the rest went. As they won't talk, Ben orders the execution of Jin to get the other two to talk. In fear, Bernard tells the Others that the survivors are hiking to a radio tower in order to use a woman's satellite phone to contact her ship. Ben wants to know how the survivors knew they were coming a night early, and Bernard tells them they knew because a kid named Karl told them. Ben realizes that Alex told Karl to warn the survivors.

    At daybreak, Ben plots the survivor's path to the radio tower and how best to intercept them. Ben informs Richard that he's going alone and that Richard is to take the rest of the Others to the temple as originally planned. Richard believes that may not be the best idea as people are asking questions, such as leaving home, about what happened to Locke, about Jacob and the rumor that everyone who went to the beach is dead. Ben is dismissive of Richard's worries. Alex learns of Ben leaving to find Jack and his friends and decides to come with him. Ben agrees to let her come, deciding it would be a good idea as she would probably want to see Karl again, subtlety letting her know he's discovered her betrayal in telling Karl of his plan. Richard attempts to dissuade Ben from going, reminding him there's forty of them who are willing to do anything to get off the island. Ben tells Richard that he's going to talk them out of it.

    On his way to the radio tower with Alex, Ben contacts The Looking Glass and talks to Mikhail who has just arrived. Ben tries to explain to him that the island told him to jam his own people. Ben needs Mikhail to trust him, and to trust Jacob who told him to do it. The island is under assault by forces stronger than anything it's had to deal with in many years, and they are meant to protect it by any means necessary. The jamming was meant for everyone's security as they are in a serious situation. Ben asks Mikhail to help clean up the mess he's made by killing Charlie and making sure the jamming equipment is operating at all costs by killing Bonnie and Greta. Continuing on to intercepting Jack, Alex asks why Ben let her come along. Ben tells her he did it because he's delivering her to her new family after she betrayed him. Alex reminds him how he locked Karl in a cage and tried to brainwash him at The Hydra. Ben tells her he did it because he didn't want him to get her pregnant. Asked why he can't just let the survivors leave the island, Ben simply tells Alex he can't.

  • At night at the beach camp, the Others' strike team lay in wait nearby. Ryan, the team leader, talks with Tom and makes sure all of their radios are off. With confirmation that Juliet completed her job and marked three tents, Ryan leads the team into the camp. The Others soon discover the marked tents are empty. Sayid and Bernard fire and hit their stacks of dynamite, taking out scores of the Others. Jin is unable to hit his target and comes under fire from the surviving Others, but manages to shoot and kill two. The remaining Others capture the three Oceanic survivors. Tom contacts Ben and informs him that the strike failed, leaving seven of them dead, but they managed to capture the three who stayed behind. He's ordered by Ben to get the three to tell them where the other survivors went. Sayid and the others refuse to cooperate, so Ben orders the Others to kill Jin to get the other two to talk. As Ryan prepares to execute Jin, Bernard tells them the survivors are heading to a radio tower in order to use a woman's satellite phone to call her ship. They knew the Others were arriving a day early because a kid named Karl told them. Tom asks Ben if he wants them to kill the three, but Ben tells him not yet.

    The follow day, Ben has the group fake the killings of the three men over the walkie in a bid to get the satellite phone from Jack. Ben's plan fails, but Jack believes his friends are killed and tells Tom that he's coming to kill him after everyone is rescued. Tom argues with Ryan, believing Ben has lost it and that they should have killed the three men for real.

  • Sawyer and Juliet head to the beach camp to find out what happened. Juliet reveals to Sawyer that there isn't any weapons cache and that she only said that to Jack so he would let them go. Hurley catches up to the two as he wants to come with them and help. Sawyer refuses, telling Hurley to look at himself and that he'll just get them killed. Sawyer and Juliet continue on as Hurley turns back.

    Arriving at the beach camp, Sawyer and Juliet find Sayid, Jin and Bernard alive but captured. As they try to formulate a plan to take on the three armed Others with only two people and no weapons, Hurley comes crashing through the jungle in the DHARMA van and runs into Ryan, killing him. Sawyer picks up Ryan's gun and, in the confusion, Sayid knocks one of the Others down and beaks his neck. Tom attempts to get to his dropped gun, but Juliet gets to it first and holds him at gunpoint. Tom surrenders, but Sawyer shoots him in the chest for taking Walt off the raft.

  • In the mass grave of DHARMA Initiative personnel killed at the barracks, Locke discovers his legs aren't working after being shot and left for dead by Ben. He spots a pistol on one of the bodies and retrieves it, pointing it to his head. Before he can pull the trigger, a voice tells him not to do it. Locke sees an older Walt standing at the edge of the pit. Walt tells him to put the gun down and to get up. Locke tells him that Ben shot him and he can't move his legs, but Walt tells him he can move his legs and again orders him to get up. Locke asks him why and Walt tells him he has work to do.

The Flashforward

  • Flashforward: Jack

A bearded Jack is aboard an Oceanic Airlines flight, downing a drink before asking the flight attendant for another. The flight attendant refuses Jack's request, telling him the flight is about to land shortly and hands him a newspaper instead. The aircraft shudders and the pilot comes over the intercom, informing the passengers that they're experiencing a bit of turbulence as they prepare to land in Los Angeles. A headline on the newspaper catches Jack's eye and he tears the article out. The flight successfully lands in Los Angeles, but Jack pulls his vehicle over on the 6th Street Bridge and, looking over the article again, becomes emotional. Jack calls someone and gets their voicemail, but is unable to finish what he wants to say and hangs up. Exiting his vehicle, Jack prepares to jump off the bridge and asks for forgiveness. Before he can jump, a car accident occurs on the bridge and Jack rushes off to help the victims.

At St. Sebastian's Hospital, Jack gets patched up by a doctor and told news crews are waiting for him as he's a hero. Jack learns the woman involved in the accident who he saved is stabilized. A pregnant Sarah enters the emergency room to see Jack. The doctor tells her she can't be in the ER, but Jack tells her it's okay as they used to be married. Alone, Sarah asks Jack what he was doing on the bridge and if he's been drinking again. Jack is adamant that he isn't. Sarah tells him she came as she's still listed as his emergency contact, but wonders what he was doing driving around at 2am. Jack refuses to answers, but asks for a ride home. Sarah tells him it wouldn't be appropriate and leaves.

The next day, with an unsteady hand, Jack looks over the medical chart of the woman he saved and then pops a few pills. A doctor enters and introduces himself as Dr. Hamill, the hospital's new chief of surgery. Dr. Hamill is pleased to meet Jack, the hero twice over, and states how the woman is lucky Jack was nearby at the time of the accident. Jack shoots back how the woman woman would be lucky if she didn't have a fractured spine that was impinging on her spinal chord. Jack requests to perform surgery on the woman in the morning, but Dr. Hamill reminds him that the woman isn't his patient and Gary Nadler is performing the surgery in the morning. Dr. Hamill believes that Jack did enough in saving the woman and her son, and should go home and rest. Jack reluctantly gives up, but asks Dr. Hamill to call him as soon as the woman's surgery is finished.

Leaving the hospital, Jack fishes out the article he ripped out of the newspaper and eventually stops outside a funeral parlor. Jack calls someone on their phone, getting their voicemail again, and hangs up. Jack takes another quick look at the article before slipping back into his pocket and getting out, crossing the street nonchalantly and causing a car to come to a screeching halt. Inside, Jack finds the viewing area empty aside from a closed casket. The funeral director greets Jack and Jack asks him if the funeral is over. He learns there was no funeral, only a viewing, and he is the only person who showed up. The funeral director offers his deepest condolences and asks if Jack is friend or family, but Jack tells him he's neither. Jack declines the funeral director's offer to open the casket and the director leaves him alone. Spending a few moments in front of the casket, Jack pops his remaining pill and leaves.

At a pharmacy, the pharmacist notifies Jack that there are no more refills on his prescription. Jack believes that's wrong as he only refilled it twice, but the pharmacist tells him she double-checked and that was his third refill. While fishing out another prescription from his pocket, a customer behind Jack tells him that he knows him, that he's the hero from on TV. The customer asks the pharmacist if she knows who Jack is and tells her to just give him what he wants. Jack hands the pharmacist his other prescription, but the pharmacist tells him he can't write a prescription for himself. Jack corrects her, telling her the prescription was written by his father, Dr. Christian Shephard. The pharmacist tells him she'll need to call Christian Shephard's office to confirm the prescription, infuriating Jack who slams the counter and tells her not to bother. As he walks off, Jack staggers into a sunglass display and walks off.

Jack returns to St. Sebastian's and gets into the medicine closet, pocketing some Oxycodone and popping one. Leaving the closet, Jack knocks over some medical records in his drugged state. As he's picking them up, Dr. Hamill appears and asks Jack what he's doing. Jack tells him he's looking for the charts of the woman, but Dr. Hamill tells him he left three messages on Jack's voicemail. Dr. Hamill asks to speak with Jack in his office, but Jack tells him he can say whatever he has to say right there. Dr. Hamill tells Jack that the woman came out of surgery just fine, but said she saw a man standing atop the railing of the bridge and about to jump off. She was distracted, lost control of her car and had the accident. The question Dr. Hamill has is how Jack got to the flaming wreck so quickly; what was he doing on the bridge? Jack refuses to answer the question, instead asking Dr. Hamill if he knows anything about him and what he's been through. Dr. Hamill asks Jack how much he's had to drink, but Jack asks him to bring his father down and, if he's drunker than his father, then Dr. Hamill can fire him. Dr. Hamill tells him that he's trying to help him to which Jack yells that he can't help him. Jack walks off as Dr. Hamill and the other hospital staff stare at him.

At Jack's home at night, dirty dishes and food clutter his sink. Jack sits against a wall with maps of the South Pacific spread out all over the place, empty alcohol bottles and pill containers scattered about. Jack makes another call and finally gets through, asking the person on the other end not to hang up. He asks to see the person by the airport. At the airport, a car pulls up behind Jack's vehicle. Jack gets out to greet its driver - Kate. Kate tells him she saw him on the news, that he still seems to be pulling people out of burning wreckage. Asked why he called her, Jack pulls out the article and hands it to her. He hoped she might have heard and gone to the funeral, but Kate asks why she would bother going and hands the article back. Jack tells her he's been flying a lot, using the golden pass Oceanic gave them all to fly every Friday from Los Angeles to somewhere else on the other side of the Pacific. He gets off, has a drink and gets right back on again to fly home. Asked why, Jack tells her that he wants the plane to crash and doesn't care about any of the other passengers. With every bump of turbulence, he closes his eyes and hopes that he can get back to the island. He believes they made a mistake leaving the island. Kate tells him that she needs to go, that he'll be wondering where she is, but Jack stops her. He tells her they were not supposed to leave, but Kate tells him they were and returns to her car. Jack yells at her that they have to go back.



  • Whose funeral did Jack go to?
  • Why was the comm system in The Looking Glass tuned to Penny's frequency? Was it a coincidence that she was sending out a signal just as Charlie and Desmond were on the station?
  • Who was Naomi working for?
  • Who are the bad guys assaulting the island?
  • Who is the "he" Kate is talking about?
  • Why does Jack want to go back to the island?


The Cursed Numbers

  • While plotting the survivors' path to the radio tower on a map, Ben's pencil stops at 15 inches on the ruler.
  • Jack saved a 42 year old woman and her 8 year old son.
  • Jack sees a news report of the accident on Action 8 News.


  • Directions: Jack and the survivors leave camp with the ocean on their right. Yet the next scene shows them traveling with the ocean on their left, thus traveling in the opposite direction.
  • Bandages: The doctor applies a bandage to Jack's head after the accident as Sarah enters the room. However, the long shots of Jack with Sarah in the foreground show Jack with a much larger bandage applied to the wound.

Arc Advancement


  • The Others involved in the raid on the survivors' beach camp are killed.
  • Charlie manages to switch off the jamming device in The Looking Glass.
  • Charlie learns from Penny that Naomi was not sent by her.
  • Mikhail blows a hole into The Looking Glass hatch with a hand grenade, causing Charlie to drown.
  • Locke kills Naomi.
  • The crash survivors manage to contact Naomi's ship via the satellite phone.
  • At least Jack and Kate will have managed to leave the island by some point in the future.


  • Alex learns that Danielle is her mother, and the two finally meet.
  • Charlie accepts his predicted fate and allows himself to drown so that the other survivors can escape from the island.


  • 1x24 - Exodus, Part 2: Sawyer shoots and kills Tom for "taking the kid off the raft." In season one's "Exodus, Part 2", Tom intercepted Michael's raft and kidnapped Walt.
  • 2x19 - S.O.S.: Rose asks Bernard if he would change his mind about staying behind with Sayid if she helped him with his S.O.S. sign. In season two's "S.O.S.", Bernard attempted to build an S.O.S. sign, but Rose was less than enthusiastic about his idea.
  • 3x01 - A Tale of Two Cities: After Ben tells Alex that she betrayed him, Alex reminds him how he locked Karl in a cage. In "A Tale of Two Cities", Sawyer awoke to find himself in a cage and Karl in a cage near him.
  • 3x06 - I Do: Jack explains to Kate that Sawyer didn't mean what he said and was trying to protect her the same way Jack was trying to protect her when he told her not to come back for him at The Hydra. In "I Do", Kate and Sawyer escaped from their cages with Jack's help and Jack yelled at her not to come back for him.
  • 3x07 - Not in Portland: After Ben tells Alex that she betrayed him, Alex reminds him how he tried to brainwash Karl. In "Not in Portland", Alex, Sawyer and Kate found Karl in a room being brainwashed.
  • 3x19 - The Brig: While talking with Sawyer, Kate points out how he's been acting differently every since he received the tape from Locke. In "The Brig", Sawyer received a tape from Locke after he killed Locke's father, the real Sawyer.
  • 3x20 - The Man Behind the Curtain: While talking to Jack, Ben tells him how he made a decision that took the lives of over forty people. In "The Man Behind the Curtain", Ben made the decision to side with the hostiles and was complicit in the deaths of over forty DHARMA personnel.


The Show

  • Funeral Parlor: The funeral parlor Jack stops at is Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Parlor. "Hoffs Drawlar" is an anagram for "flashforward".
  • Nicknames: With the real Sawyer dead, Sawyer has become a changed man and has stopped using nicknames. Kate noticed that he has stopped referring to her as "Freckles" and has been using her real name, but Sawyer also called Hurley by his real name, Hugo.

Behind the Scenes

  • Pregnancy: Actress Julie Bowen, who plays Jack's ex-wife Sarah, was actually eight months pregnant when she filmed her scene in the hospital with Matthew Fox.
  • Voice Work: Executive producer Damon Lindelof is the voice the pilot apologizing for turbulence in the opening of Jack's flashforward. Executive producer Carlton Cuse is the voice of the reporter for Action 8 News describing the accident in which Jack was a hero.
  • Location, Location, Location: The 6th Street Bridge that Jack was about to jump off is the actual 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, CA. The emergency room Sarah meets Jack in was filmed at a Grey's Anatomy set in Los Angeles, CA. Other interior shots of the hospital were filmed at St. Francis Medical Center in Honolulu, HI. The exterior of Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Parlor was filmed on Liliha Street in Honolulu, HI, while the interior of the funeral parlor was filmed at Konko Mission in Honolulu, HI. The pharmacy Jack went to was filmed at the Times Supermarket's Liliha store in Honolulu, HI.

Allusions and References

  • Rambo: Rose makes Bernard recite the fact that he's a dentist and not Rambo. John Rambo is a fictional character who first appeared in David Morrell's 1972 novel First Blood. The character was later played by Sylvester Stallone in the film adaptation of the book, First Blood (1982); it's sequel, Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985), and Rambo III (1988). Rambo was a Special Forces operative who was captured by the North Vietnamese and tortured as a POW, resulting in an extreme case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After returning to the United States, Rambo had difficulty readjusting to civilian life and became embroiled in a battle with rural police in Washington State. Rambo later returned to Vietnam to search for missing POWs and then fought the Soviets in Afghanistan.
  • Nirvana: In the flashforward, Jack is listening to Nirvana's "Scentless Apprentice" on his way to the funeral home. It is the second song on their 1993 album, In Utero.
  • Good Vibrations: "Good Vibrations" is a pop single by The Beach Boys. The song was released as a single on October 10, 1966 and is part of the album Smiley Smile.

Memorable Moments

  • Charlie's final moment; drowning in the control room of the Looking Glass Station, performing the "Sign of the Cross".
  • Sawyer shoots Tom in the chest for taking Walt off the raft.
  • Locke throws a knife into Naomi's back.


  • Rose: I want you to say it again.
    Bernard: Rose--
    Rose: Say it, Bernard.
    Bernard: I am a dentist. I am not Rambo.
  • Sawyer: What the hell did you have us breaking all those rocks for anyway?
    Juliet: We were building a runway.
    Sawyer: A runway? For what?
    Juliet: The aliens.
  • Sawyer: So, you're screwin' Jack yet?
    Juliet: No. Are you?
  • Ben: I let you come because I'm delivering you to your new family. I let you come because you betrayed me, Alex.
    Alex: You put Karl in a cage. You put him in a room and tried to brainwash him.
    Ben: I didn't want him to get you pregnant. I suppose I overreacted.
  • Ben: Alex, this is your mother.
    Rousseau: [to Alex] Will you help me tie him [Ben] up?
  • Charlie (written on hand to Desmond): NOT PENNY'S BOAT
  • Tom: OK, I give up.
    Sawyer: [shoots Tom in the chest] That's for taking the kid off the raft.
    Hurley: Dude. It was over, he surrendered.
    Sawyer: I didn't believe him.