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Primetime Emmy Awards/58th Primetime Emmy Awards

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58th Primetime Emmy Awards
58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.jpg
Airdate August 27, 2006
Duration 3 hours
Network NBC
Host(s) Conan O'Brien
57th Primetime Emmy Awards
59th Primetime Emmy Awards
Primetime Emmy Awards
This article is about the awards show. Go here for a list of nominees and winners.

The 58th Primetime Emmy Awards aired on August 27, 2006. The ceremony was hosted by Conan O'Brien, host of Late Night with Conan O'Brien. This is the second Emmy Awards ceremony to be hosted by O'Brien, the first being the 54th Primetime Emmy Awards.


Show Breakdown


On his way to the Emmys, Conan O'Brien's private jet hits turbulence and crashes on the Lost island where he builds a hairdryer out of twigs. He meets Hurley, who aids him in escaping from the island through a hatch. O'Brien asks Hurley if he'd like to come with, but Hurley tells him that they weren't invited (a jab at Lost being snubbed from nominations). Mystified, Conan says to him, "But you won last year. Nothing makes sense anymore!"

Conan climbs through the hatch and accidentally finds his way into The Office via an air duct over Dwight's desk. Dwight blames this on Jim, who insists that he didn't make Conan fall through the ceiling. Conan comments on how attractive Pam is and flees from the office, where he winds up on 24. He calls Chloe O'Brian for directions and is interrupted by Jack Bauer, demanding that Chloe get him the president.

Conan claims that someone else is already hiding in Stan's closet.
Without the aid of Chloe, Conan finds himself being examined in the clinic at Princeton-Plainsborough Teaching Hospital by Dr. House from House, who thoroughly mocks his physical condition. When Conan says that he's not sick and is just hosting the Emmys, House winces and Conan leaves the hospital. An animated Conan in the style of South Park appears in Stan Marsh's room and ducks into his closet. Stan complains to his father, saying "Conan O'Brien won't come out of the closet." Conan leaps out of the closet, shrieking that someone was already in there and Tom Cruise peaks out, apparently still in Stan's Closet from Trapped in the Closet.

Finally, Conan winds up in a nondescript house where he is accosted by Chris Hansen in a To Catch a Predator segment of Dateline NBC. Conan is grilled about his apparent tryst as an internet sexual predator using the online handle "Conebone69." Conan becomes increasingly distressed due to the questioning and bolts out of the door and down the street until he finally makes his way onto the stage at the Emmys.

Other Bits

  • After the second commercial break, Conan said that letting winners walk from their seat in the audience, give their speech on stage and walk offstage to the press line takes too long. To save time, they invented the Segway podium. Christopher Meloni demonstrated the usefulness of the podium by rattling off a fake speech, taking his Emmy and handing it back off stage without stopping.
  • After the third commercial break, Conan mentioned that the Emmys were also being telecast on the NBC Spanish language sister network, Telemundo, which has its own camera. He then put on a fake mustache, turned to the Telemundo camera and started speaking Spanish at a fast pace. After he was finished, he turned back to the normal camera and stated that the skit had been a terrible waste of time. The camera then cut to a concerned looking Bob Newhart in his tank.
  • Conan, as required by law, introduced the Emmy accounting team he did it in the style of announcing the starting line-up of a professional basketball team. This team includes three actual accountants and Kareem Abdul-Jabar. Conan comments that they should do this for everyone who comes on stage, even though it would stretch the awards out to 6 hours. The camera cuts to Newhart desperately attempting to escape from the tank.
  • Conan spoke to the people watching the show in on their TiVos and implored them to watch the program in its entirety, rather than fast-forwarding through the boring parts. Conan then started to read from a book by Ralph Waldo Emerson and the TiVo fast-forward graphics and sound effects appeared on screen. Conan's arms flailed wildly until he finished reading and the fast-forwarding stopped.



Musical Performances

  • Conan O'Brien - Trouble (Music Man parody)
  • Barry Manilow - Bandstand Boogie

In Memorium

In order of presentation.


  • Cloris Leachman set a record for most Emmys won by a female performer at eight with her win for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series.
  • ER tied Cheers for most nominations for a series at 117 with a Guest Actor nomination for James Woods.
  • The West Wing finalized it's record as the most awarded drama series at 26 Emmys with Alan Alda's win for Supporting Actor.
  • Stephen Colbert presented the Outstanding Reality (Competition) Program award in his character "Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report." He uses this character to call the Hollywood audience "godless Sodomites" and to shout "kneel before your god, Babylon" at them (referring to the giant Emmy statue on stage).

Memorable Moments

  • In an attempt to curtail the awards ceremony going far beyond the 3 hours it was allocated, Conan announces that they have put Bob Newhart in an airtight box which only has 3 hours worth of oxygen in it. A countdown appears on screen and Newhart stares pathetically at the camera. Later, Conan makes a pointless Telemundo joke and the camera cuts to Newhart looking sad.
  • Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith (the original Charlie's Angels cast) appear on stage following the Aaron Spelling presentation and each give their thoughts on the producer and what he meant to them.
  • Conan O'Brien ended the program in much the same way he ends Late Night, with a high pitched "Good night everybody!"