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Warner Bros. Television Studios
Warner Bros. Television logo 2021.jpg
Founded March 21, 1955
President Channing Dungey
Notable Works The O.C.
The West Wing
Veronica Mars
The Big Bang Theory
Full House
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Warner Bros. Television Studios (formerly known, and still credited on-screen, as Warner Bros. Television) (WBTV)) is the television production and distribution unit of Warner Bros. Entertainment, a division of WarnerMedia. Alongside CBS Studios, it is the production arm of the CW television network (through 50% ownership). As of 2015, along with Sony Pictures Television, it is the world's largest television production company, measured up by its revenue and its library.



WBTV was formed on March 21, 1955 by William T. Orr, the son-in-law of Warner Bros. studio head Jack Warner, who also served as WBTV's first and most successful head. The company debuted its first series that year when the anthology program Warner Bros. Presents premiered on ABC; of the three rotating series in that show (King's Row, Cheyenne and a TV adaptation of the Warner Bros. movie Casablanca), only Cheyenne lasted beyond Warner Bros. Presents' only season, continuing for a total of eight seasons until 1963. With the popularity of the western genre during the early years of television, WBTV contributed to the success of TV westerns with the production of such shows as Maverick, Colt .45, The Alaskans, Sugarfoot and Bronco (a Cheyenne spinoff).

In addition to its western lineup, WBTV also produced shows in other genres like 77 Sunset Strip, Bourbon Street Beat, Hawaiian Eye, The Gallant Men, F Troop, The F.B.I., The Bugs Bunny Show and its later incarnations, Kung Fu, Wonder Woman and Alice. During its early years of TV production, WBTV made extensive use of stock footage from the Warner Bros. film library for its shows. It produced shows exclusively for ABC until 1963, when NBC premiered the series Temple Houston. Jack Webb briefly headed WBTV for about ten months in 1963, but Temple Houston was the only series he successfully pitched to a broadcast network during that period.

In 1967, the film studio Seven Arts Productions purchased WB founder Jack Warner's controlling interest in that studio and merged the two studios as Warner Bros.-Seven Arts, with the TV unit accordingly being renamed Warner Bros.-Seven Arts Television and the classic WB shield company logo changed at that point to a stylized "W7" logo within a modified shield. In 1969, Kinney National Services, a parking and office cleaning company expanding into media, purchased the assets of Warner Bros.-Seven Arts, then in 1970, returned the TV company to its original name of WBTV, with a newly-adopted logo consisting of a stretched shield with simple "WB" lettering within and a banner beneath the lettering reading "A Kinney Services Company", reflecting its ownership at the time. Kinney sold its non-entertainment assets in 1972 and renamed itself as Warner Communications (later known as Time Warner, now WarnerMedia), and the classic WB shield briefly made its return on WBTV shows from February to September that year, when that logo was replaced by the new Warner Communications corporate logo of a stylized W (designed as a "\\'") within a TV tube shape. The classic shield logo made its return in 1984 and has been used on WBTV shows, with some slight modifications, ever since.

WBTV parent Warner Communications acquired Lorimar-Telepictures in 1989 and split that company's operations. Lorimar Television ran as a separate TV production unit before merging into WBTV in 1993. Telepictures, which initially produced syndicated programming for WBTV's distribution unit, was relaunched following Time Warner's 1996 purchase of Turner Broadcasting to replace Turner Program Services as the distributor of non-WBTV-produced programs whose syndication rights were acquired by WBTV or Turner. Telepictures has since returned to its original function of producing syndicated shows, such as The People's Court, The Tyra Banks Show and TMZ on TV, for distribution by WBTV. The company formed another distribution unit, Warner Bros. International Television, in 1996 for the international distribution of its shows outside North America. It served as a program supplier for co-owned entity The WB Television Network from that network's 1995 formation until 2006, and it presently continues in that role with The CW (created through a 2006 merger between The WB and CBS Corporation's UPN).

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Warner Bros. Television Distribution (WBTD) was formed by WBTV around 1960 to serve as its distribution unit. WBTD holds the TV distribution rights to the films in the Warner Bros. Pictures library, as well as the rights to its own first-run syndicated series and off-network shows produced by WBTV. It is also the distributor for TV series acquired from the following companies:

Production codes

The format for picked-up weekly produced shows is SSSSEE, where S is the combined four character alphanumeric show and season identifier and E is a two digit episode number. Daily produced shows use YYYEEE or YEE, where Y is a three or single digit yearly count and E is a three or two digit episode count during that year. Pilots and episodes prior to 2003 use a 6 digit episode number. These are burned-in on the end copyright slate.

During 2016, the weekly produced and pilot formats were retired from the end slate for just the tape/reel location format of TSS.SSSEE, where S is numeric only.

List of shows produced by Warner Bros. Television Studios


Title Format Buyer Year(s)
Warner Bros. Presents Anthology ABC 1955–1956
Cheyenne Western drama ABC 1955–1962
Conflict Anthology ABC 1956–1957
Maverick Western drama ABC 1957–1962
Sugarfoot Western drama ABC 1957–1961
Colt .45 Western drama ABC 1957–1960
Bronco Western drama ABC 1958–1962
Lawman Western drama ABC 1958–1962
77 Sunset Strip Crime drama ABC 1958–1964
The Alaskans Adventure drama ABC 1959–1960
Bourbon Street Beat Crime drama ABC 1959–1960
Hawaiian Eye Crime Drama ABC 1959–1963
Surfside 6 Drama ABC 1960–1962
The Bugs Bunny Show Animated anthology ABC 1960–1968
CBS 1968–1973
ABC 1973–1975
CBS 1975–1985
ABC 1985–2000
The Roaring 20's Crime drama ABC 1960–1962
Room for One More Sitcom ABC 1962
The Gallant Men Military drama ABC 1962–1963
The Dakotas Western drama ABC 1963
Temple Houston Legal western dramedy NBC 1963–1964
Wendy and Me Sitcom ABC 1964–1965
No Time for Sergeants Sitcom ABC 1964–1965
F Troop Sitcom ABC 1965–1967
Hank Sitcom NBC 1965–1966
Mister Roberts Sitcom NBC 1965–1966
The F.B.I. Crime drama ABC 1965–1974
Co-production with Quinn Martin Productions
Tarzan Adventure NBC 1966–1968
The Road Runner Show Animated anthology CBS 1966–1968
ABC 1971–1972
Nichols Western drama NBC 1971–1972
The Chicago Teddy Bears Sitcom CBS 1971–1972
The Jimmy Stewart Show Sitcom NBC 1971–1972
Search Adventure drama NBC 1972–1973
Banyon Period drama NBC 1972–1973
Co-production with Quinn Martin Productions
The Brian Keith Show Sitcom NBC 1972–1974
The Streets of San Francisco Crime drama NBC 1972–1973
Co-production with Quinn Martin Productions and produced during season 1
The Delphi Bureau Crime drama ABC 1972–1973
Kung Fu Martial arts western action drama ABC 1972–1975
The Cowboys Western drama ABC 1974
Shoulder to Shoulder Drama BBC 1974
Harry O Action drama ABC 1974–1976
Kodiak Crime drama ABC 1974
The New Land Drama ABC 1974
Give-N-Take Game Shows CBS 1975
Wonder Woman Adventure ABC 1975–1977
CBS 1977–1979
The Neighbors Game Shows ABC 1975–1976
Alice Sitcom CBS 1976–1985
Code R Action drama CBS 1977
Roots Historic miniseries ABC 1977
The New Adventures of Batman Animated superhero CBS 1977
Co-production with Filmation Associates
Second Chance Game Shows ABC 1977
Westside Medical Medical drama ABC 1977
The Fitzpatricks Drama CBS 1977–1978
Rafferty Medical drama CBS 1977
The Daffy Duck Show Animated comedy NBC 1978–1979
The Dukes of Hazzard Adventure CBS 1979–1985
Roots: The Next Generation Historical miniseries ABC 1979
Time Express Fantasy drama CBS 1979
Dorothy Sitcom CBS 1979
California Fever Drama CBS 1979
Young Maverick Western CBS 1979–1980
Flo Sitcom CBS 1980–1981
The Six O'Clock Follies Sitcom NBC 1980
The Yeagers Drama ABC 1980
Enos Comedy CBS 1980–1981
Freebie and the Bean Crime drama / comedy CBS 1980–1981
Private Benjamin Military sitcom CBS 1981–1983
Park Place Sitcom CBS 1981
Love, Sidney Sitcom NBC 1981–1983
Bret Maverick Western drama NBC 1981–1982
The Dukes Animated comedy CBS 1983
The Thorn Birds Miniseries ABC 1983
Goodnight, Beantown Sitcom CBS 1983–1984
Bare Essence Soap Opera NBC 1983
Wizards and Warriors Adventure CBS 1983
The Mississippi Drama CBS 1983–1984
The Yellow Rose Drama NBC 1983–1984
Scarecrow and Mrs. King Spy drama CBS 1983–1987
Night Court Sitcom NBC 1984–1992
V Science Fiction NBC 1984–1985
Off the Rack Sitcom ABC 1985
Eye to Eye Drama ABC 1985
Spenser: For Hire Crime drama ABC 1985–1988
Growing Pains Sitcom ABC 1985–1992
Shadow Chasers Sci-fi drama ABC 1985–1986
Foley Square Sitcom CBS 1985–1986
Head of the Class Sitcom ABC 1986–1991
My Sister Sam Sitcom CBS 1986–1988
Shell Game Crime drama CBS 1987
Ohara Drama ABC 1987–1988
Full House Sitcom ABC 1987–1995
Produced until 1993 by Lorimar Television
Just in Time Sitcom ABC 1988
Just the Ten of Us Sitcom ABC 1988–1990
China Beach Military drama ABC 1988–1991
Police Academy Animated comedy Syndication 1988–1989
Murphy Brown Sitcom CBS 1988–1998
CBS 2018
A Man Called Hawk Drama ABC 1989
Beetlejuice Animated comedy ABC 1989–1991
Fox Kids 1992
Co-production with The Geffen Film Company/Nelvana Limited
Life Goes On Drama ABC 1989–1993
Family Matters Sitcom ABC 1989–1997
CBS 1997–1998
Produced until 1993 by Lorimar Television
Molloy Sitcom FOX 1990
The Flash Superhero drama CBS 1990–1991
Sisters Drama NBC 1991–1996
Produced until 1993 by Lorimar Television
Step by Step Sitcom ABC 1991–1997
CBS 1997–1998
Produced until 1993 by Lorimar Television
Billy Sitcom ABC 1992
Room for Two Sitcom ABC 1992–1993
Angel Street Crime drama CBS 1992
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper Sitcom ABC 1992–1997
Produced until 1993 by Lorimar Television
Time Trax Sci-fi crime drama PTEN 1993–1994
Produced until 1993 by Lorimar Television
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Action drama PTEN 1993–1994
Syndication 1995–1997
Getting By Sitcom ABC 1993
NBC 1993–1994
Produced until 1993 by Lorimar Television
Family Dog Animated comedy CBS 1993
Co-production with Nelvana Limited/Universal Television
The Trouble with Larry Sitcom CBS 1993
Tall Hopes Sitcom CBS 1993
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Sci-fi western FOX 1993–1994
Living Single Sitcom FOX 1993–1998
The John Larroquette Show Sitcom NBC 1993–1996
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Romantic action dramedy ABC 1993–1997
Café Americain Sitcom NBC 1993–1994
Family Album Sitcom CBS 1993
Babylon 5 Science Fiction PTEN 1994–1995
Syndication 1995–1997
TNT 1998
The George Carlin Show Sitcom FOX 1994–1995
Tom Sitcom CBS 1994
On Our Own Sitcom ABC 1994–1995
ER Medical drama NBC 1994–2009
Daddy's Girls Sitcom CBS 1994
Friends Sitcom NBC 1994–2004
Free Willy Animated ABC 1994
Co-production with Nelvana Limited/Regency Television
Something Wilder Sitcom NBC 1994–1995
Double Rush Sitcom CBS 1995
The Wayans Bros. Sitcom The WB 1995–1999
Muscle Sitcom The WB 1995
The Parent 'Hood Sitcom The WB 1995–1999
Pointman Action drama PTEN 1995
The Great Defender Legal drama FOX 1995
Hope & Gloria Sitcom NBC 1995–1996
Medicine Ball Medical drama FOX 1995
Kirk Sitcom The WB 1995–1996
Bless This House Sitcom CBS 1995–1996
The Monroes Political drama ABC 1995
The Drew Carey Show Sitcom ABC 1995–2004
Minor Adjustments Sitcom NBC 1995
UPN 1996
Charlie Grace Crime drama ABC 1995
The Client Legal drama CBS 1995–1996
Dweebs Sitcom CBS 1995
New York News Drama CBS 1995
Too Something Sitcom FOX 1995–1996
Local Heroes Sitcom FOX 1996
The Show Sitcom FOX 1996
My Guys Sitcom CBS 1996
Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher Sitcom The WB 1996–1998
The Jamie Foxx Show Sitcom The WB 1996–2001
Life with Roger Sitcom The WB 1996–1997
Party Girl Sitcom FOX 1996
Lush Life Sitcom FOX 1996
Pearl Sitcom CBS 1996–1997
Suddenly Susan Sitcom NBC 1996–2000
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Action / adventure drama CBS 1996
Common Law Sitcom ABC 1996
Chicago Sons Sitcom NBC 1997
Spy Game Crime drama ABC 1997
Co-production with Universal Television
Leaving L.A. Drama ABC 1997
The Shining Horror miniseries ABC 1997
Police Academy: The Series Dramedy Syndication 1997–1998
Meego Sitcom CBS 1997
Built to Last Sitcom NBC 1997
Veronica's Closet Sitcom NBC 1997–2000
Prey Sci-fi drama ABC 1998
The Closer Sitcom CBS 1998
Co-production with CBS Productions
For Your Love Sitcom NBC 1998
The WB 1998–2002
Kelly Kelly Sitcom The WB 1998
Maximum Bob Dramedy ABC 1998
MADtv Sketch comedy FOX 1998–2009
Produced until 1998 by 20th Century Fox Television
Hyperion Bay Drama The WB 1998–1999
The Brian Benben Show Sitcom CBS 1998
Jesse Sitcom NBC 1998–2000
Two of a Kind Sitcom ABC 1998–1999
Vengeance Unlimited Crime drama ABC 1998–1999
Mortal Kombat: Conquest Action drama Syndication 1998–1999
Trinity Drama NBC 1998
Brimstone Horror thriller FOX 1998–1999
Norm Sitcom ABC 1999–2001
Everything's Relative Sitcom NBC 1999
Co-production with NBC Studios
Katie Joplin Sitcom The WB 1999
The West Wing Political drama NBC 1999–2006
Third Watch Drama NBC 1999–2005
Odd Man Out Sitcom ABC 1999–2000
Jack & Jill Dramedy The WB 1999–2001
The Strip Police drama UPN 1999–2000
Code Name: Eternity Sci-fi drama Syndication 2000
Opposite Sex Dramedy FOX 2000
Baby Blues Animated comedy The WB 2000
Gilmore Girls Drama The WB 2000–2006
The CW 2006–2007
Netflix 2016
The Fugitive Drama CBS 2000–2001
Hype Sketch comedy The WB 2000–2001
Nikki Sitcom The WB 2000–2002
Freedom Sci-fi drama UPN 2000
The Oblongs Animated comedy The WB 2001
Dark Realm Horror drama anthology Syndication 2001
Witchblade Action fantasy TNT 2001–2002
Night Visions Horror / fantasy / mystery anthology FOX 2001
Thieves Action crime drama ABC 2001
Citizen Baines Drama CBS 2001
Maybe It's Me Sitcom The WB 2001–2002
Co-production with Touchstone Television/ABC Studios
Off Centre Sitcom The WB 2001–2002
Co-production with DreamWorks Television
Smallville Superhero drama The WB 2001–2006
The CW 2006–2011
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star Sitcom The WB 2002
The Court Legal drama ABC 2002
George Lopez Sitcom ABC 2002–2007
Everwood Drama The WB 2002–2006
Fastlane Crime drama FOX 2002–2003
What I Like About You Sitcom The WB 2002–2006
Presidio Med Medical drama CBS 2002–2003
Good Morning, Miami Sitcom NBC 2002–2003
Without a Trace Police procedural CBS 2002–2009
Co-owned with CBS Productions/CBS Paramount Network Television/CBS Television Studios
Birds of Prey Superhero drama The WB 2002–2003
On the Spot Comedy The WB 2003
Wanda at Large Sitcom FOX 2003
Black Sash Action drama The WB 2003
Nip/Tuck Medical drama FX 2003–2010
The O.C. Teen drama FOX 2003–2007
The Mullets Sitcom UPN 2003–2004
Run of the House Sitcom The WB 2003–2004
All About the Andersons Sitcom The WB 2003–2004
Eve Sitcom UPN 2003–2006
All of Us Sitcom UPN 2003–2006
The CW 2006–2007
Rock Me Baby Sitcom UPN 2003–2004
Like Family Sitcom The WB 2003–2004
Two and a Half Men Sitcom CBS 2003–2015
I'm with Her Sitcom ABC 2003–2004
One Tree Hill Teen drama The WB 2003–2006
The CW 2006–2012
Cold Case Crime drama CBS 2003–2010
Co-owned with CBS Productions/CBS Paramount Network Television/CBS Television Studios
Tarzan Action / adventure drama The WB 2003
Skin Drama FOX 2003
The Help Sitcom The WB 2004
The Stones Sitcom CBS 2004
The D.A. Legal drama ABC 2004
Come to Papa Sitcom NBC 2004
Co-production with NBC Studios
Blue Collar TV Sketch comedy The WB 2004–2006
Joey Sitcom NBC 2004–2006
Jack & Bobby Drama The WB 2004–2005
The Mountain Drama The WB 2004–2005
Veronica Mars Teen mystery drama UPN 2004–2006
The CW 2006–2007
Hulu 2019
dr. vegas Crime drama CBS 2004
Center of the Universe Sitcom CBS 2004–2005
Jonny Zero Crime drama FOX 2005
Eyes Drama ABC 2005
The Comeback Comedy HBO 2005–2014
The Closer Crime drama TNT 2005–2012
Reunion Mystery drama FOX 2005
Supernatural Paranormal drama The WB 2005–2006
The CW 2006–2020
The War at Home Sitcom FOX 2005–2007
Twins Sitcom The WB 2005–2006
Just Legal Legal drama The WB 2005–2006
E-Ring Military drama NBC 2005–2006
Close to Home Crime drama CBS 2005–2007
Related Dramedy The WB 2005–2006
Hot Properties Sitcom ABC 2005
Freddie Sitcom ABC 2005–2006
Four Kings Sitcom NBC 2006
The New Adventures of Old Christine Sitcom CBS 2006–2010
Modern Men Sitcom The WB 2006
The Evidence Crime drama ABC 2006
The Bedford Diaries Drama The WB 2006
Co-production with HBO Independent Productions
Justice Legal drama FOX 2006
Happy Hour Sitcom FOX 2006
Men in Trees Drama ABC 2006–2008
The Class Sitcom CBS 2006–2007
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Dramedy NBC 2006–2007
Smith Crime drama CBS 2006
The Nine Mystery drama ABC 2006–2007
Twenty Good Years Sitcom NBC 2006
Notes from the Underbelly Sitcom ABC 2007–2008
Traveler Drama ABC 2007
Gossip Girl Teen drama The CW 2007–2012
Co-owned with CBS Productions/CBS Paramount Network Television/CBS Television Studios
The Big Bang Theory Sitcom CBS 2007–2019
Big Shots Drama ABC 2007–2008
Moonlight Fantasy drama CBS 2007–2008
Pushing Daisies Dramedy ABC 2007–2009
Chuck Action comedy NBC 2007–2012
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Sci-fi drama FOX 2008–2009
The Mentalist Crime drama CBS 2008–2015
Eleventh Hour Crime drama CBS 2008–2009
Fringe Science Fiction FOX 2008–2013
Privileged Dramedy The CW 2008–2009
Co-owned with CBS Productions/CBS Paramount Network Television/CBS Television Studios
Southland Crime drama NBC 2009
TNT 2010–2013
The Vampire Diaries Fantasy drama The CW 2009–2017
Co-owned with CBS Productions/CBS Paramount Network Television/CBS Television Studios
The Forgotten Crime drama ABC 2009–2010
Eastwick Fantasy drama ABC 2009–2010
Hank Sitcom ABC 2009
The Middle Sitcom ABC 2009–2018
V Sci-fi drama ABC 2009–2011
Human Target Action drama FOX 2010–2011
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Past Life Paranormal crime drama FOX 2010
Miami Medical Medical drama CBS 2010
Romantically Challenged Sitcom ABC 2010
Children's Hospital Medical comedy Adult Swim 2010–2016
Co-production with Williams Street
Hellcats Sports drama The CW 2010–2011
Co-owned with CBS Productions/CBS Paramount Network Television/CBS Television Studios
Nikita Action The CW 2010–2013
Mike & Molly Sitcom CBS 2010–2016
Chase Crime drama NBC 2010–2011
Undercovers Espionage action drama NBC 2010
Better with You Sitcom ABC 2010–2011
The Whole Truth Legal drama ABC 2010
$#*! My Dad Says Sitcom CBS 2010–2011
Shameless Drama Showtime 2011–2021
The Paul Reiser Show Sitcom NBC 2011
The Secret Circle Paranormal drama The CW 2011–2012
Co-owned with CBS Television Studios
2 Broke Girls Sitcom CBS 2011–2017
Person of Interest Crime drama CBS 2011–2016
Hart of Dixie Medical drama The CW 2011–2015
Co-owned with CBS Television Studios
Suburgatory Sitcom ABC 2011–2014
I Hate My Teenage Daughter Sitcom FOX 2011–2012
Work It Sitcom ABC 2012
Are You There, Chelsea? Sitcom NBC 2012
Alcatraz Suspense thriller drama FOX 2012
Major Crimes Crime drama TNT 2012–2018
Revolution Sci-fi adventure drama NBC 2012–2014
Partners Sitcom CBS 2012
666 Park Avenue Suspense drama ABC 2012–2013
Golden Boy Crime drama CBS 2012–2013
Arrow Superhero drama The CW 2012–2020
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
The Carrie Diaries Teen drama The CW 2013–2014
The Following Thriller drama FOX 2013–2015
Cult Mystery drama The CW 2013
Co-owned with CBS Television Studios
Golden Boy Crime drama CBS 2013
Mom Sitcom CBS 2013–2021
Hostages Suspense drama CBS 2013–2014
Super Fun Night Sitcom ABC 2013–2014
The Originals Fantasy drama The CW 2013–2018
Co-owned with CBS Television Studios
The Tomorrow People Sci-fi drama The CW 2013–2014
Co-owned with CBS Television Studios
Almost Human Sci-fi crime drama FOX 2013–2014
Star-Crossed Sci-fi drama The CW 2014
Co-owned with CBS Television Studios
Believe Sci-fi drama NBC 2014
The 100 Sci-fi drama The CW 2014–2020
Co-owned with CBS Television Studios
Surviving Jack Sitcom FOX 2014
Undateable Sitcom NBC 2014–2016
The Leftovers Drama HBO 2014–2017
The Mysteries of Laura Crime drama NBC 2014–2016
Gotham Crime drama FOX 2014–2019
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Forever Fantasy drama ABC 2014–2015
Selfie Sitcom ABC 2014
Stalker Crime drama CBS 2014–2015
A to Z Sitcom NBC 2014–2015
The Flash Superhero drama The CW 2014–present
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Constantine Paranormal drama NBC 2014–2015
iZombie Paranormal drama The CW 2015–2019
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
One Big Happy Sitcom NBC 2015
Blindspot Crime drama NBC 2015–2020
Supergirl Superhero drama CBS 2015–2016
The CW 2016–present
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Lucifer Horror/fantasy/crime drama FOX 2016–2018
Netflix 2019–2021
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Superhero drama The CW 2016–present
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
11.22.63 Period thriller miniseries Hulu 2016
Rush Hour Crime drama CBS 2016
Containment Drama The CW 2016
Roadies Dramedy Showtime 2016
Lethal Weapon Action drama FOX 2016–2019
Westworld Sci-fi drama HBO 2016–present
Frequency Thriller drama The CW 2016–2017
Riverdale Drama The CW 2017–present
Co-production with CBS Television Studios
Powerless Comedy NBC 2017
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Training Day Crime drama CBS 2017
Time After Time Drama ABC 2017
Trial & Error Comedy NBC 2017–2018
Disjointed Comedy Netflix 2017–2018
Young Sheldon Comedy CBS 2017–present
Me, Myself & I Comedy CBS 2017–2018
Co-owned with CBS Television Studios
Black Lightning Superhero drama The CW 2018–2021
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Living Biblically Comedy CBS 2018
Co-owned with CBS Television Studios
Life Sentence Comedy The CW 2018
Co-owned with CBS Television Studios
Deception Crime drama ABC 2018
Splitting Up Together Comedy ABC 2018–2019
Castle Rock Horror drama Hulu 2018–2019
Manifest Mystery thriller NBC 2018–2021
Netflix 2022–present
Co-production with Universal Television
God Friended Me Fantasy drama CBS 2018–2020
All American Football drama The CW 2018–present
Co-production with CBS Television Studios
Titans Superhero drama DC Universe 2018–2019
HBO Max 2021–present
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Legacies Fantasy drama The CW 2018–present
Co-production with CBS Television Studios
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Horror drama Netflix 2018–2020
The Kominsky Method Comedy Netflix 2018–present
Roswell, New Mexico Sci-fi drama The CW 2019–present
Co-production with CBS Television Studios
Doom Patrol Superhero drama DC Universe 2019–2020
HBO Max 2020–present
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Whiskey Cavalier Action dramedy ABC 2019
Shrill Comedy Hulu 2019–2021
Special Comedy Netflix 2019–2021
The Red Line Drama CBS 2019
What/If Anthology drama Netflix 2019–present
Swamp Thing Horror drama DC Universe 2019
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Bob Hearts Abishola Comedy CBS 2019–present
All Rise Legal drama CBS 2019–2021
OWN 2022–present
Co-production with CBS Television Studios
Prodigal Son Crime drama FOX 2019–2021
Co-production with Fox Entertainment
Batwoman Superhero drama The CW 2019–present
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Watchmen Drama HBO 2019–present
Dolly Parton's Heartstrings Anthology Netflix 2019–present
AJ and the Queen Comedy Netflix 2020
Katy Keene Dramedy The CW 2020
Co-production with CBS Television Studios
DC's Stargirl Superhero drama DC Universe 2020
The CW 2020–present
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Little Voice Music comedy Apple TV+ 2020
The Fugitive Crime drama Quibi 2020
Ted Lasso Comedy Apple TV+ 2020–present
Co-production with Universal Television
Lovecraft Country Horror anthology HBO 2020
B Positive Comedy CBS 2020–present
Call Me Kat Comedy FOX 2021–present
Co-production with Fox Entertainment
Superman & Lois Superhero drama The CW 2021–present
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Delilah Drama OWN 2021–present
United States of Al Comedy CBS 2021–present
Kung Fu Martial arts drama The CW 2021–present
Contraband Sci-fi drama HBO 2021–present
Lisey's Story Thriller drama Apple TV+ 2021
Gossip Girl Drama HBO Max 2021–present
Co-production with CBS Studios
Maid Dramedy Netflix 2021–present
Head of the Class Comedy HBO Max 2021–present
The Sex Lives of College Girls Comedy HBO Max 2021–present
The Sandman Fantasy drama Netflix 2021–present
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
The Girls on the Bus Political drama Netflix 2021–present
Tooned Out Live-action/animated comedy HBO Max 2021–present
Co-production with Warner Bros. Animation
Strange Adventures Superhero anthology HBO Max 2021–present
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
Overlook Horror drama HBO Max 2021–present
Duster Crime drama HBO Max 2021–present
Justice League Dark Superhero drama HBO Max 2021–present
Co-production with DC Comics/Vertigo Comics
The Time Traveler's Wife Drama HBO 2021/2022–present
Shining Vale Horror comedy Starz 2021/2022–present
Co-production with Lionsgate Television
Breathe Drama Netflix 2022–present
The Kings of Napa Drama OWN 2022–present
Subject to Change Thriller drama HBO Max 2022–present
The Cleaning Lady Drama FOX 2022–present
Co-production with Fox Entertainment
Pivoting Comedy FOX 2022–present
Co-production with Fox Entertainment
Abbott Elementary Comedy ABC 2022–present
Co-production with 20th Television
Naomi Superhero drama THe CW 2022–present
Co=production with DC Entertainment
Mrs. Davis Drama Peacock 2022–present
Bad Monkey Comedy Apple TV+ 2022–present
Night Court Comedy NBC 2022–present
Co-production with Universal Television
Shrinking Comedy Apple TV+ 2022–present

Animated Specials

Title Network Airdate
Bugs and Daffy's Carnival of the Animals CBS November 22, 1976
Bugs Bunny in Space CBS September 6, 1977
Bugs Bunny in King Arthur's Court CBS February 23, 1978
How Bugs Bunny Won the West CBS November 15, 1978
Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All Over CBS May 21, 1980
The Bugs Bunny Mystery Special CBS October 26, 1980
Bugs Bunny: All American Hero CBS May 21, 1981
Bugs Bunny's Mad World of Television CBS January 11, 1982
Bugs vs. Daffy: Battle of the Music Video Stars CBS October 21, 1988
Bugs Bunny's Wild World of Sports CBS February 15, 1989
Bugs Bunny's Overtures to Disaster CBS April 17, 1991
Bugs Bunny's Creature Features CBS February 1, 1992
Bugs Bunny's Easter Special CBS April 7, 1977
Daffy Duck's Easter Special NBC April 1, 1980
Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special CBS October 25, 1978
Bugs Bunny's Cupid Capers CBS February 14, 1979
The Bugs Bunny Mother's Day Special CBS May 12, 1979
Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet CBS November 15, 1979
Daffy Duck's Thanks-for-Giving Special NBC December 13, 1980
Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales CBS November 27, 1979

List of shows owned by CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Television

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
Aliens in America Sitcom The CW 2007–2008
Life Is Wild Drama The CW 2007–2008
The Beautiful Life Drama The CW 2009
Life Unexpected Drama The CW 2010–2011
Ringer Suspense drama The CW 2011–2012
Co-production with Touchstone Television/ABC Studios
Emily Owens, M.D. Medical drama The CW 2012–2013
Reign Historical drama The CW 2013–2017
Jane the Virgin Dramedy The CW 2014–2019
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Dramedy The CW 2015–2019
Significant Mother Sitcom The CW 2015
No Tomorrow Comedy The CW 2016–2017
Valor Military drama The CW 2017–2018
In the Dark Drama The CW 2019–present

Other shows distributed by Warner Bros. Television

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
My Favorite Martian Sitcom CBS 1963–1966
Produced by Jack Chertok Television and CBS; originally distributed by Metromedia Producers Corporation, then Telepictures Distribution and then Lorimar-Telepictures. Currently distributed by the Peter Rodgers Organization.
Gilligan's Island Sitcom CBS 1964–1967
Produced by Gladasya Productions, United Artists Television and CBS; originally distributed by UATV, then MGM/UA Television and then Turner Program Services
Here's Lucy Sitcom CBS 1968–1974
Produced by Lucille Ball Productions, with co-production by Paramount Television in the first season only; originally distributed by Telepictures Distribution
Mayberry R.F.D. Sitcom CBS 1968–1971
Produced by RFD Productions; originally distributed by Metromedia Producers Corporation, then Telepictures Distribution and then Lorimar-Telepictures
The New Dick Van Dyke Show Sitcom CBS 1971–1974
Produced by Cave Creek Enterprises; originally distributed by Telepictures Distribution
Shazam! Superhero drama CBS 1974–1977
Produced by Filmation Associates; WBTD distributes the series via sister company DC Comics
It's a Living Sitcom ABC 1980–1982
Syndication 1985–1989
Produced by Witt-Thomas-Harris Productions; originally distributed by Golden West Television, then Lorimar-Telepictures after its acquisition of Golden West. Currently distributed by Paul Brownstein Productions.
Mama's Family Sitcom NBC 1983–1984
Produced by Joe Hamilton Productions; distributed by Lorimar-Telepictures from 1986 to 1989 and by Telepictures Distribution from 1996 to 2003
Syndication 1986–1990
ALF Sitcom NBC 1986–1990
Produced by Alien Productions; originally distributed by Lorimar-Telepictures; while WBTD still holds the international TV distribution rights, the North American rights are now held by Debmar-Mercury, whose parent company Lionsgate owns the show's North American DVD distribution rights
Crime Story Crime drama NBC 1986–1988
Produced by Michael Mann Productions and New World Television
The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd Dramedy NBC 1987–1988
Produced by You and Me Kid Productions
Lifetime 1989–1991
The Wonder Years Dramedy ABC 1988–1993
Produced by The Black/Marlens Company and New World Television; originally distributed by Turner Program Services
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Sitcom NBC 1990–1996
Produced by NBC Productions, Quincy Jones Productions and The Stuffed Dog Company; NBCUniversal owns the ancillary rights to the series, but WBTD is the distributor for the show
MADtv Sketch comedy FOX 1995–2009
Produced by Bahr/Small Productions and Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment
Will & Grace Sitcom NBC 1998–2006
Produced by NBC Studios until 2004, then by NBC Universal Television; NBCUniversal owns the ancillary rights to the series, but WBTD is the American distributor for the show, while MGM Worldwide Television distributes the show internationally

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